Hassana and TPG Announce $1.5 Billion Strategic Partnership in TPG Rise Climate Platform for Global Decarbonization and Energy Transition

Hassana and TPG Announce $1.5 Billion Strategic Partnership in TPG Rise Climate Platform for Global Decarbonization and Energy Transition

Hassana Investment Company, the investment manager of General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI), announced a $1.5 billion strategic partnership in the TPG Rise Climate platform. The partnership includes a substantial anchor commitment to TPG Rise Climate’s new Transition Infrastructure fund.

Hassana and TPG share a common objective of capitalizing on global climate investment opportunities, underscoring the Kingdom’s evolution as a growing source of partnership and investment opportunities within the space.

Jon Winkelried, CEO of TPG, expressed TPG’s excitement about the partnership, stating: "There is an incredibly strong alignment between Hassana’s goals and the unique set of strategies we’ve developed across TPG. We look forward to working closely with Hassana, known for its collaborative approach and long-term investment horizon." He added: "This partnership demonstrates TPG and Hassana’s shared commitment to leading the evolution of the climate investing space."

"Large and sophisticated investors like Hassana are essential to meeting the growing capital demands of the new climate economy. With this commitment, we are driving the TPG Rise Climate platform's evolution to continue delivering differentiated capital and capabilities across assets globally and in the Kingdom," said Jim Coulter, TPG Founding Partner and Managing Partner of TPG Rise Climate.

Hani Aljehani, CIO International Markets of Hassana, highlighted the importance of partnering with TPG Rise Climate, emphasizing the platform’s global ecosystem and holistic approach to investing across the climate sector. Aljehani stated: "TPG Rise Climate’s position as an established impact-driven platform with a track record of delivering strong returns makes TPG an ideal partner for Hassana."

He added: "It demonstrates Hassana’s confidence in TPG’s expertise and the value it brings to climate investing, recognized as a leader in impact investments across various asset classes and geographies."

As part of TPG’s $19 billion impact platform, TPG Rise Climate deploys substantial capital across the climate sector, in areas including energy transition, green mobility, sustainable fuels, sustainable products and materials, and carbon solutions. In addition to its successful private equity funds, TPG Rise Climate’s new Transition Infrastructure strategy offers clients a value-added risk-return profile between core infrastructure and private equity, further enhancing its comprehensive climate investment approach.

This collaboration between TPG and Hassana signifies the importance of international and local partnerships in addressing global climate challenges. By combining TPG's deep investing expertise and global capabilities with Hassana's local network and expertise, the two firms are well-positioned to drive positive change and capitalize on climate investment opportunities across borders.